Sunday, January 29, 2017

news | NYC march against Trump immigration order

On January 29th, protestors gathered in Battery Park, New York, to protest an executive order issued by President Donald Trump blocking refugees from entering the country.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

opinion | If a tree falls in a forest...

It's 11:30 at night.

I'm on the bus as it rattles its way through the Lincoln Tunnel, wondering why I'm always drawn to rallies and protests. Yes, they're inherently newsworthy. Something is happening right here, right now, you're in the thick of it and you're the first person to know. Yes, it's our constitutional right. The liberty to think, then to talk, to spread these ideas, to assemble, and in doing so enact change.

But the rally and the protest happen for a more fundamental reason: passion. People feel strongly about the cause, something that makes it worth fighting for. It's passion that makes the cold bearable. That compels people to march down streets. Passion ignores rain and fatigue, the summertime heat and the stares of strangers.

Covering rallies is difficult. Sometimes you see something remarkable. Other times nothing happens. And you're always on your feet, one eye peeled for something newsworthy.

But it's worth it because of the result. Passion looks beautiful on camera and in print because it's real, raw emotion. Passion is what makes us human. You're out there because you want to capture that passion. You're out there because you know they want their voices to be heard. Is that not what we're here for, what journalism is all about?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

analysis | What is “passporting” and why is it so important to the UK after Brexit?

Papers, please.

No Exit signs at St Pancras station in London. Credit: Author, 2014

The British financial industry, hammered by the country’s momentous decision to leave the European Union after Thursday’s referendum, faces continued uncertainty over the “passporting” arrangements between a newly separated UK and the EU. The future of British trade hangs in the balance, with the financial sectors calling for swift clarification on the country’s new political and financial relationship with the trading bloc.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

news | Media roundup on Brexit: politics and education

The UnTied Kingdom.

Credit: author

In a historic vote on Thursday, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, causing panic in worldwide markets and a sea change in British politics. The end of Britain's 43-year relationship with the European Union shocked the world, shrouding the entire continent's future in uncertainty. Here's what you may have missed.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

opinion | Security through obscurity: hiding the unpleasant through bad writing

Verbal camouflage.

In his aptly named seminal book, “On Writing Well,” William Zinsser extolls the virtues of simplified, well-crafted prose. He crusades against the cloudy and the obtuse, which is used to both hide inadequacies and inflate the importance of people in power. “Clutter,” he writes, “is the disease of American writing.”

The State of New York might want to see a doctor.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

news | Activists rally for nuclear-free statewide clean energy plan

A rally held after a public hearing of the renewable energy proposal in lower Manhattan. Credit: Author

Some want nuclear power gone with the wind.

NEW YORK – Local environmental groups met at the corner of Church and Vesey streets on Tuesday to call for a clearer vision of New York State’s renewable energy proposal. The rally, held shortly after a public hearing, attracted about fifty people including citizen activists and members of environmental groups.