Wednesday, March 18, 2015

analysis | Fool's Gold: Apple Watch Edition is not for sale.

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Credit where it's due: Apple's announcement of the Watch Edition starting price of $10,000 has stunned the tech world in its sheer audacity. Why charge an obscenely high price when aside from the casing, it's identical to the basic $350 model? No convincing explanation has developed, but that's because people are viewing it wrong.

Watch Edition is not a product, it's a brilliant marketing strategy.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

analysis | Go (small) or Go Home: Project Ara and the future of Android

The Lego set is Google’s vision of the future smartphone: choose the features that matter, connect them to a basic frame, and swap parts at will. Broken screen? Pop in a new one and keep the rest of the phone. Drooling over a new camera? Buy the upgrade and snap it in place. The device is flexible, customizable, adaptable to any user, easy to upgrade and maintain.

The last part should sound familiar—it’s the same core idea behind the Android operating system, it’s innovation in the stagnant smartphone market, and most importantly, it’s the future of Android.

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